About us

Orthosnap is an American company with headquarters and manufacturing facilities located in New York, that produces clear aligners for dental malocclusions corrections via the use of its own patented technique.

The company has been existing for 10 years and has been awarded multiple international patents. It continues its research and development insuring global leadership in the technology of dental aligners.

We have simplified the patient treatment plan on-boarding to a few simple steps – in most cases, we only need molds of upper and lower models and bite registration.

Simple, yet just as effective: OrthoSnap produces an entire series of clear aligners using a patented dynamic model - a direct and uncompromised representation of the original dental impression. The initial accuracy of the dynamic model guaranties a precise fit of the dental aligners. Patented dynamic pins provide selective and predictable movement on the model promoting then the same movement in the patient’s mouth. OrthoSnap aligners ensure a non-invasive treatment.

Patented process of teeth movement on physical models allows for a better understanding and control of teeth interactions over the course of a treatment plan. Fill free to contact us for further information, or if you ready to submit a case just follow the links bellow.

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Victoria Davies

European Sales coordinator